Smiling From Within

" Green Garden is about beauty and joy and lush green and dance and excitement and smiling from within." The Regular Ol' News Throughout its ten years, Artists Project Earth has always focused on solutions to...

Founder Kenny Young Speaks Out at #COP21

Artists Project Earth are in Paris! Our house band Rhythms Del Mundo is performing their new album, Oceans, live on Monday 7th December at COP21, to help raise awareness of climate change and ocean conservation. Today our wonderfully...

“Fem-power-ment” – Beyonce Knowles

"We need to stop buying into the myth of gender equality. It isn't a reality yet." Beyonce - featuring on Rhythms Del Mundo: Oceans, our new fundraising album - may not fit with the traditional...
Chris Martin

Walk Your Talk, Or You’re A Few Pebbles Short of a Beach

If you don’t care about the wider global issues, you’re a few pebbles short of a beach. So says Chris Martin, whose band Coldplay have featured on the last three Rhythms Del Mundo fundraising albums,...

What Makes Us Happy?

Millions of people the world over sing along to Pharrell Williams’ uplifting song, ‘Happy’. A re-worked version of this song has been released with our brand new album ‘Oceans’, pre-released for Christmas 2015 and CCOP21. But...

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